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HiMATS Bursary:  Supporting Personal Development

Our Aim:

Highland & Moray Accredited Training Services (HiMATS) Bursary: Supporting Personal Development, aims to ensure that everyone working in childcare in the voluntary sector has equal opportunities for personal development to maximise their full potential'. 

Our reason:

We recognise that means-tested financial support sometimes uses too broad a brush to prioritise funding allocations, and that at times other less obvious financial barriers can make it difficult to take advantage of training opportunities for example, loss of salary when attending training, transport costs, childcare costs etc.

What you can apply for:

If you would like to enrol on an accredited learning & development course and have been unable to fund from elsewhere, please complete our on-line Bursary Application form.

We also fund:

HiMATS Bursary Trustees will consider applications for Post Registration Training and Learning (PRTL) opportunities such as attending a conference or event that will enhance your learning and development. For example, a Childcare Modern Apprentice applying for financial support to attend a conference such as Play Scotland, Education Scotland or a Highland Council training event. Similarly,  a Childhood Practice Degree Student may wish to seek financial support to attend a National conference or event.

To qualify for a HiMATS Bursary: 

You must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Are working in the Social Services Children & Young People Sector
  • Are working in the voluntary sector
  • Reside in Highland or Moray

 Your application for a HiMATS Bursary:

  • Complete our Bursary Application form making sure that you are clear about what funding you require
  • Make sure your application comes in as quickly as possible if you are applying for a course that has a starting date
  • Aim to answer every question to help the Bursary Trustees make a quick decision about your funding
  • If in doubt, please phone or email for support

Our time-frame:

On receipt of your application form, our Board of Trustees will reach a decision and inform you of the outcome of your application within three working weeks.

Payment and reimbursement:

  • If you are claiming for loss of earnings, we require confirmation on Headed Paper from your employer.
  • If you are applying for childcare or transport costs, we require you to submit receipts along with your completed Claim Form to enable us to reimburse you. This payment will be made as quickly as possible after the event

Our Application form:

Go to http://www.himats.org.uk/himats-bursary where you can complete your application on-line.

You can also download the application form in word format by clicking on the following link Bursary Application and email it to Sandra@himats.org.uk


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